• Negative Prompts

    If you keep getting an image that you don't want, negative prompt can come in handy. There are two ways to add a negative prompt to Midjourney. The first way is by using the --no parameter followed by the name of the element that you want to remove. The second way is by using text weights ( :: ) followed by a negative value.

  • /blend Command

    With the blend command feature in MidJourney you can combine images. Simply select images from your PC or mobile gallery. The blend command allows you to select up to five images that MidJourney will use to create a new image. Currently the /blend command only produces square images.

  • Text Weights

    Text weights can be used to assign different levels of importance to each part of your text prompt, using positive and negative values. By default, each word has an equivalent value of 1. To add a weight, simply insert a number after the :: characters. This enables you to emphasize certain words or phrases, which can lead to more precise results.

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